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Colon Cancer: Three Cancer Attacks and He Became Cancer-free After Herbs


After years battling with cancer, Yap was declared cancer-free on 5 August 1994. I had the privilege to meet with Yap on 18 March 1999. You can view our conversation in the video section of our website: The following are excerpts of what Yap said.

I had three cancer attacks. One was in the colon, 15 years ago. The second one was at the rectum 10 years after my first. As a result I had to wear a colostomy bag throughout my life. And then came the third cancer attack — behind the prostate gland. Immediately after my second chemotherapy, the cancer came back again. The doctor told me he could not do anything; he could not give me radiotherapy because the cancer was just behind the prostate gland. Also, after three operations he could not operate on me again. He could only give me chemotherapy.

I wondered and ask the doctor, “I have just finished my chemotherapy and you are asking me to take another dosage of chemotherapy. It means that the cancer cells could not be bothered with the chemotherapy?” The doctor agreed. So I went back home refusing, of course, to take the chemotherapy.

I was contemplating how to die with dignity. Cancer patients always die miserably, in pain all over the body. Also, sometimes even morphine cannot reduce the pain. In my case, I know that chemotherapy did not help especially after my second attack.

Question: You have been battling with cancer for so many years. What did your doctor say? Do you have any other avenues?

I almost gave up hope. My doctor could only give me chemotherapy again which he agreed would not have any effect on me. Knowing this, I turned to the rodent tuber, initially, not because I believe in it. In fact, my first impression was it was very repulsive. Fortunately, my wife believes in it and she would cling to any straw. I became even more sceptical after learning that it is only a plant. This friend of mine who gave me the rodent tuber, had lung cancer himself. His doctor found him to be inoperable because the cancer had spread to every part of the lung. So, they stitched him back without doing anything. He was supposed to have died after four months. He did not die.

Instead he was recommending the rodent tuber to me. He gave me the rodent tuber himself, and my wife believed in it. Since there is nothing to lose, I just drank the juice. It was not tasty. When I took the rodent tuber, somehow the cancer pain I had disappeared almost immediately. I was thinking if I were to take it everyday, I could die with dignity.

I took the rodent tuber quite reluctantly in the beginning … until two weeks later — I realized it had some scientific basis. I decided I had nothing to lose except to try. I went back to my doctor and ask for chemotherapy and together took the rodent tuber — this is more as a revenge trying to kill the cancer cells before I was killed by them! And after that somehow, the cancer never appeared again.

In the beginning, I took the rodent tuber juice three times at 50 grams per day. Then, I could not even lift the “pounder”. At that time, I was half my present size. My weight was about 90 pounds. Now, I am 155 pounds. I always insist and I always tell everybody: what have we got to lose?

Question: People are sceptical about this. When you take the rodent tuber, it may interfere with the chemotherapy. You said that you were taking rodent tuber at the same time you were on chemotherapy. Did that interfere with your treatment?

I took both together. At that time I could not be bothered whether it would interfere with the chemotherapy or not. Chemotherapy alone was not effective. What else could I do to keep myself alive?

Question: When you finished with the chemotherapy, did you continue with the rodent tuber?

Oh, yes. From medical perspectives — after the surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy — there is practically nothing else for the cancer patient. If the cancer still exists, that means we are waiting to die.

At least now, we have this rodent tuber which is relatively not so poisonous. I have been taking this for two to three years. I took the juice three times a day for a few months. After that I reduced it to twice a day — .taking it very religiously for eight and half months. Then I went for a medical check-up and fortunately, the cancer had disappeared.

The doctor was obviously very pleased about it. I went to Australia for another medical examination –reconfirmation — and the doctor in Australia confirmed that I was free of cancer.

After one and a half years of close combat, I was declared cancer-free on 5 August 1994. Everything was worth it. I share my victory with you.

Cancer is normally regarded not only as a disease but also as a death sentence. How can we cling on any hope when everything seems hopeless? Many people, when faced with such an agonizing experience, usually give up. They find it pointless to continue living. A quick death is more merciful. I refused to accept defeat. Life was too precious to be destroyed by the enemy within. I had to fight cancer physically, emotionally and psychologically. And I won.

Note: As of this writing Yap is still active and healthy, living a cancer-free life.

Extracted from the author’s book: Cancer Yet They Live!

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